History of Pine Creek School

The original Pine Creek School held its first class in 1893 and was located about an 1/8th of a mile north of the present school. The building was made of log and remained at that location until Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Hall bought it and moved it to Deep Creek, where it became a part of their ranch home.

In 1904 the electorate of Pine Creek approved a bond issue for approximately $1100 to build a new school house. The community pitched in and bought all 10 bonds to ensure the new construction. The new school opened at its present site on Nov. 5, 1904 with a new bell placed in the cupola Dec. 17 of the same year. That was also the date of the first fund raiser, which was well attended and raised $16 or $17 for the purchase of an organ.

In 1921, the Deep Creek elementary school was moved to the Pine Creek School to be attached to the North side of the building.(This is now K-2)

Up until the ’50’s there was an outhouse, no running water, a wood burning stove, and kerosene lamps for light. With coming of the ’50’s came a well, bathrooms in the basement, electricity, and finally an oil burning furnace, which was a blessing till it belched and covered the schoolrooms in soot.

On April 2, 1960 The Saturday Evening Post printed a copy of John Clymer’s painting of The Pine Creek School. Using a little artistic license, he turned the school around in the painting to allow the Absorkee Mountains to be in the background. He commented that he hoped the people of Pine Creek wouldn’t mind.

In 1978, Bandstra Construction built the west classroom which houses the grades 6-8 classes.

The information for this history was taken from a book entitled A History of Park County Rural Schools 1877-1990. It is a collection of letters and notes written by teachers and students of the school.