Mrs. Jorgenson's K-2 Classroom 






School Supply List


-1 pencil box/bag

-pencils (at least 10 non-mechanical)

-pens (at least 2)

-markers (10 pack of traditional colors would be great)

-crayons and/or colored pencils

-glue sticks (at least 2)

-2 big erasers

-mini dry erase marker eraser, old sock, or piece of cloth

-child-safe scissors

-4 wide-ruled notebooks (2nd graders) 3 notebooks (1st graders) 1 notebook (Kinders)

-3 folders

-expo marker (students tend to prefer the smaller ones)

-water bottle

-1 pair of sneakers to be used for P.E.

-daily, small, a.m. and p.m. healthy snack and non-microwaveable lunch



Show-and-Tell Schedule

October 7th= Kindergarten

October 14th= 1st Grade

October 28th= 2nd Grade