Our 5th-8th room serves as Pine Creek Middle School. Our middle grades are in charge of Student Council, monthly newsletter production, and our yearbook. To accomplish these varied tasks, as well as everyday assignments, our room is outfitted with a full computer lab with a dozen desktop computers and half again as many tablets. Our students are used to moving seamlessly between their desks, the school library, other resource rooms, and their personal computer area to accomplish tasks. We value autonomy and student teamwork, and so aim for flexibility whenever possible for students to work as they see fit.


    Pine Creek's mixed grade curricula challenge our students to work together constantly, sometimes with their grade partners and sometimes as mentor or apprentice to other grade students. Our seventh and eighth graders are particularly accomplished leaders in our school community. As student council officers they use class time and much of their own time to host planning meetings, set up school gatherings, and lead volunteering trips to the local food resource center. We work to create a middle school experience to help our students grow well beyond the academic experience of each specific subject. As a result, we are proud of our student body and alumni who are well accomplished not only in academics, but also in sports, clubs, 4-H, early teenage jobs, and countless marvelous hobbies.


    On the following pages you can peer into our classroom as we post updates of what we've been working on. You may see examples of our students' hard work in our core classes of language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. You may also find examples from some of our special subjects covering art, music, PE, Spanish, and technology. Check back occasionally to see what we've been up to.