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Writer's Workshop                                          


This month we have been discussing the distinction between composition and revision. It can be challenging to let yourself freely write half formed ideas. We get stuck on a particular word choice, or not quite knowing where next to take our story, and so sit motionless at the keyboard. This is of course a common issue is writing - the much reviled writer's block! To try to get ourselves unstuck from this habit we spent a writer's workshop writing without stopping, allowing ourselves to be comfortable with whatever ideas that popped into our heads. We did not worry about spelling, nor did we agonize over word choice. Instead we focused our energy on efficient composition, leaving the revision stage for later. We used this fun website, which forces you to keep writing under threat of losing all of your progress if you stop typing for even a few seconds! 


Here you can see some of our efforts. Each section came from a 5 minute continuous writing session.


Later we chose one of our quick writes to return to for addition and revision. We are working on character profiles and narrator point of view to further develop our authorial voice. Check back for updates as we post them.