By Caleb:

 the time was mid afternoon and i was getting along fine my brother had been chasing me and was trying to hit me with a stick i am hiding under my bed right now but all of a sudden a feel as if i just at a elephant and all the meat getting sucked out of me. oh wait now I'm cold what's happening help. then it hit me i don't know were i am and am in a totally different world. all of a sudden though i feel as if   i could be so warm that i'd get a fever. but it's not a bad warm. it's a very friendly warm dog next to me. wait is it talking to me? no i'm speaking it's language I'm barking and talking animal! This is crazy but my only hope is to follow him. " Hey you what in the world am i" i think your a dog silly. Can't you see? Well i can but i just can't believe it.

this is the all mighty book of instructions. page one how to make a taco. You get a hard shell or a soft shell and then you put meat and lettuce and tomato's and beans. all this is optional but i really only like meat and cheese which i forgot and i also like tomatoes on mine. page 2 how to ski. first you need a pair of skis then you need money to pay the instructor money so that he can teach you. if you don't have skis you need more money to rent them. that also goes with a helmet and poles. i am cruising right along here if only the time would drop quicker because my left hand is killing me big time.
i was so scared there was a giant in town he had feet 50 feet long and 25 feet tall legs. but the weird thing was that i could only bear the rath and when the man got there he was only 3 feet tall. did i mention that i can only see the man with binoculars he's so tiny. but i really couldn't help but laugh out loud. it was so funny he needed a microphone in order for us to hear him he said that he couldn't help but stomp on us and then eat us if he didn't say we were laughing it was so funny though. but then the people who didn't stop not including me he went up to them stomped on them then ate them.
today i am going to become any superhero ever i couldn't believe it. i was so happy i could hardly decide but they said i could make up my one super hero and then he could be that superhero tomorrow. so he accepted there second offer didn't waste any time. he decided his super hero was really fast and could turn anything into anything. the people who made the offer said it was okay.P.S. when the people told him that he didn't know what to expect but they were magical and would come into his life many more times. when the boy woke up the next morning he was so excited he turned his dog into candy.