By McKade:

 One time i went to Idaho and went boating with my family and my cousins Paul and Sophie.  My cousins parents also both came.  On our way to Idaho the weather was so bad that we had to pull over on the Interstate for a little bit.  When we pulled over we  wondered what we should do.  Luckily we didnt have to stay there for very long because then the storm died down a little bit.  When we got to Idaho we went boating the next morning.  I had a lot of fun water skiing and tubing.  I got to drive the boat when my older brother and sister got on the tube.  I speed really fast and i turned a lot of hard turns. I also had fun diving off the boat with Paul and McLain. 

Paul, McLain and i all water skied.  My parents and my cousins parents did to.  One that i also caught a couple fish on a mini boat with Paul and Mclain when we caught the fish we wanted to keep them alive so that we could eat the fish later.  We had to jump on the front of the boat until we got enough water in it.  We caught fish and we also jumped off of the little boat.  The wind started to blow when we were out on the lake and the little boat we were in did not have a motor.  All it had was some pedals to turn.  We had a hard time getting back in the wind.
If i won the lottery i would use some of the money and i would also put a lot of it in my savings account.  I would buy the things that i wanted.  After i bought all of the things that i wanted i would not go to work for a couple of days.  When i skip work i would go and use all of my new stuff.  I would buy a lot of things. I would buy a dirt bike for my cousin and i would also buy myself a new dirtbike for myself.  If i bought Paul a new dirtbike i could ride dirt bikes with him. I would also ride dirt bikes with my other friends.
I like a lot of colors.  I wish i had a Trillion dollars. I am pretty happy right now. I wonder why on Earth McLain is making the news letter. I wonder what April fools tricks i should do today.  I hope that i can pull a good April fools trick on Mr. Silk.  I hope that i win the NFR someday.  I also hope i win the lottery.  I hope that i get good grades in high school and grade school.  I hope that i do not have a lot of homework when i get into high school.