By Julie:

 Don't fall. The dragonfly buzzes over the forest with me hanging onto its feet. Don't fall. Don't fall. Oops. Okay, I fell.I fall into the river, luckily, but break my leg on the rock. The dragonfly doesn't notice anything. I see it continue on its way to the mountains. "Yeah, thanks a lot!" I scream, shaking my fist at it. Now Ill have to catch a ride on something else. Preferably something large, which has a back I can sit on. But I have to deal with a broken leg now. I painfully drag myself out of the river and do my best to keep it straight. I snap a low-hanging branch off a tree and use it for a crutch, then splint my leg with another branch. Rainbow colors seem to seethe in the air. Oh no. I have to get to shelter, fast. The colors grow brighter. No, wait. I crawl into a cave and wait while the glimmering air becomes specters, swooping in the twilight. I need to make it back to the woods, where the specters an't reach me at all. The forest is protected by all sorts of odd creatures that even the specters don't like. So they don't come into there. The forest looks like a safe haven for some, which makes it a good hunting ground for others. Unlike the shimmery rainbow ghosts, the threats there I can physically fight with a knife. The specters will just do...I don't know what, but it isn't good. 


As I hike through the forest, I hear roaring up ahead. I'm about to go the other way when something huge barrels into me, knocking me to the ground. I have difficulty pushing the thing off, but somehow I manage it. The thing is a tooth. A huge tooth. I look to the roaring, then start heading towards it again. I hide in the bushes and witness something amazing. 
A giant fight.
The huge beasts are about a hundred feet tall, and pummeling each other with fists like boulders. One delivers a crushing uppercut to the other's jaw, which would have sent me soaring out into outer space but just makes him wobble a little. He retaliates with a sucker punch to the giant's stomach, who then pushes him off the edge of a cliff. He is not harmed by the two-hundred-foot drop, but they are now separated from each other, and both start bashing the cliff to smithereens, trying to get back into the fight. As a huge chunk of rock lands right next to me, flattening a large swath of trees, my hiding spot is compromised. Okay, nothing to see here. I quickly sneak back into the forest before the giants spot me in the midst of their battle-rage. Unless I suddenly grew small enough to fit down a gopher hole, it would mean certain death for me if I was to be seen. You do not want two bloodthirsty giants hunting you. It's a recipe for disaster, both for you and everyone around you. The other way along the path that I was taking sports a large wolf. I turn back quickly and head towards the giants again for a bit. This forest has its dangers.
I'm dead. I know it because the way I died, falling off thirty-story building while on fire, was very painful. And it doesn't hurt anymore. Just don't ask. You don't want to know. Anyhow, I don't know where I am. An odd, white, shimmery plain. Something flies across the far sky. It looks huge. I do not want to meet it. This place is very weird, and as I try to search for the hole I came up in, it disappears. Grr. Things spring up he distance, formed by my imagination. I imagine a tree, and it appears. I imagine a sword,and the sword appears. Where even am I?  I imagine a palace, and that appears too. The only thing that doesn't appear is people. I want people's company more than I want the palace. I imagine a dog, and that appears. It licks my hand and wags its tail. It will have to be my company. A voice whispers in my ear, "Don't use this power for fun, or your demons will come after you!" I ask the dog, "Are you a demon?" and it shakes its head. Intelligent dog. I shall watch it for any signs of evilness or trying to murder me. For now, it seems all right. I do not use the power anymore. I do not want my demons to hunt me. It sounds annoying and means certain death. Not that it would matter, since I'm dead already. This place is weird. I need an escape from here. I don't see any, so I set off through the weird shimmer landscape. The landscape emerges around me, even tough I'm not imagining it. Are my demons hunting me? And what does it mean by my demons? I'm so confused.  
This is a stream of consciousness writing and I don't even know what I 'm going to write about. I don't have anything to write about, really. Maybe my dog. should I write about my dog? Eh, never mind. Stream of consciousness writing is boring. Today is Friday! I can go to the river and work on my fort! I am writing in hardcore mode because I like it. I always want to go back and fix my mistakes, and this helps me not to. I 'm not really writing about anything in particular. We have track today. I was really disappointed because my parents made me quit akito to do track. But today will be my second day of track out of 12 track days. Twelve missed akito lessons. I'm already a sixth of the way through, then I can go back to akito. Yay. I don't even care about the track days, I'm just counting missed akito lessons, and I hope that I can remember stuff when I go back. Is it possible to demote someone a belt? I hope not. I son't think Sensei would do that, and maybe it isn't possible anyways. Yay. One less worry on my mind. So, yeah. nothing to worry about. I guess i don't have many worries, but that's the main one. I don't even know what I'm doing or typing about, just stream of consciousness. I'ts probably boring, Boring writing because I don't have anything going on in my brain. PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS! Okay, it had to be done.