By McLain:

 Over spring break I had a lot of fun. On Friday I had lots of fun helping my grandpa. We watched some cows calve and we also tagged a bunch of calves. We tag the calves so that we know which black calf goes with which black cow. Then I got on my horse and checked the cows I rode him for about two hours. His name is Freckles and he is four years old. I love him because he is small fast and energetic. He is all black with a lazy black heart on his freckled white face, and he also has a white heart on his neck. After riding my horse I went to the barn and got in the ranger with my grandpa. We went and checked the cows. On Friday night I stayed at my grandma and grandpas house I got up at four "o clock in the morning. At four I checked the cows with my mom. I stayed at my grandparents house until the next morning. The next day I got in my grandpa's ranger with him and we went and checked the cows. They were all fine so we went to the feedlot because my grandpa was out of hay.

At the feedlot we got the tractor and we went over to the haystack. I got to drive my grandpas truck and it was a lot of fun. I went in to the haystack and it was very muddy so I but the truck in four wheel drive. I got in rolling again. .We put the hay bales on the back of the truck. We also had two trucks. We had to go up a steep hill to get back to my grandpa's house and we unloaded the hay bales, and we unloaded the hay for the horses and the cows. Next we a went and checked the cows. We also tagged the calves that were born. After the hay was unloaded and the cows were checked, we went and saddled up our horses. We went down into the bottoms and sorted cows and calves (pairs) into a different pasture. Then we rode through all of the cows and made sure they were all doing alright. They were all fine. We went to the barn and my grandpa had to clean it so we cleaned the barn and went back to check the cows. 
We were done for the day so we went back to my grandpas house and watched TV. It was five o'clock. Tomorrow was Easter so I stayed with my grandparent again and checked the cows with my mom at four. Then we went home at six and on the way home I stopped at the feedlot and bagged bags and fed the steers. We have four steers. One for each of us siblings. Mine is the best one. Then we went to my house because it was Easter morning. We were going to go to church but it was very cold. It was light enough to get the eggs from the Easter bunny. We woke up my dad and my sister. Then we went outside and found all of the eggs the Easter bunny had left us. Each of us four kids got to collect eight eggs. Then we all got to find and Easter basket. After that we sat around the house and hung out. Then we went down to my grandparents house and they also had an Easter egg for us.