By Robert:

 it was 2025 and i built a time machine. What i did next was went back in time to find iut what in the world was wrong with this place i ran through the warps seeing old faces that are now long gone in the space time continuem i know im rushing through and i finnaly find the breaking point in the travel. i find myself at 5 years old at my birthday party getting ready to eat my cake. this just in my grandpa and step grandma send me a christmas/ birthday present so i will love thetm even more that i do . what i have come back to this time to do is buy a lot of model trains that when i was younger than what i am now. they always said i was to young to have the trains and i would have to go to hgo to wait for my birthday in the future so i will wait not! i will by the trains now in this time period since i am 24 years old and now i will sucseed in being the best modeler in this railroad and everyone will come and see all of my trains after i come bact from one of therse crazy adventures that i have in my life.

I am back from time travel and i just changed what happend in an major warr battle . i am shot an am exaughsted from running and battleing i look out of my house window and can see that i have changed history forever my friends and family are gone and i am the only person left in the world. no one is alive. well i think noone is so i run and look for people thatn i notice some\thing i am alone i can do anything but i sit and miss my family. i look down at my phi=one and look at pictures of my friends and family and wonder whay everything went wrong. i stumble around and look for others as i drive through livingston i hear a faint whistle. at train horn! i drive 70 mph to see who it is and i find my family in the train yard working on trains i see them and scream i finnaly found you. once their my parents ask me if i know how to drive this 
I help them but a shift in everything happens so i go back in time to stop everything from happening. i run and run and then i finnaly black out.  my heart beating i wake up and am on a beach. i feel happy the sun is setting and i hear a faint laugh at me i look and its my wife she stands there with a child in her hands i figure out it is mine. tears welt ip in my eyes and i realize that this is my destiny and i run iinto my modern beach side mansion with her an my son. once inside my house i realize that my life has been succesful and that i have begun something i cannot change. my wife looks at me and says are you okay honey. i smaile and say yes i am wonderful. good she say that i was in the band down the road and that i cannot join and play with them any more since we have 10 platinum records and that we are saving up money so i go to the bands studio and fire everyone and now i am the top dog in my own new industry i will someday be the leader in music and everyday life style i will be the best.
Honk! i let the horn blow and it fills the sky with terror. i jump out of the cab of the train and fall 20 ft into the water boom i look up but i cannot see what has happend then i black out. i wake up and find out what in the world has happend and figured out that some one crashe the two trains to get all of the cargo on the train creaper juice its bascily a steroid that you can use to get beefed up. this was a military operation meaning that all of this that just happend never happend in this world so i scream since all of it is gone now i shift and wonder how is this going to affect me =. then i figure out that everything is gone im actually dead and i am a ghost and noone misses me and nothing knows sho or what i am.