Our 5th-8th room serves as Pine Creek Middle School. Our middle grades are in charge of Student Council, monthly newsletter production, and our yearbook. To accomplish these varied tasks, as well as everyday assignments, our room is outfitted with a full computer lab with a dozen desktop computers and half again as many tablets. Our students are used to moving seamlessly between their desks, the school library, other resource rooms, and their personal computer area to accomplish tasks. We value autonomy and student teamwork, and so aim for flexibility whenever possible for students to work as they see fit.


    Pine Creek's mixed grade curricula challenge our students to work together constantly, sometimes with their grade partners and sometimes as mentor or apprentice to other grade students. Our seventh and eighth graders are particularly accomplished leaders in our school community. As student council officers they use class time and much of their own time to host planning meetings, set up school gatherings, and lead volunteering trips to the local food resource center. We work to create a middle school experience to help our students grow well beyond the academic experience of each specific subject. As a result, we are proud of our student body and alumni who are well accomplished not only in academics, but also in sports, clubs, 4-H, early teenage jobs, and countless marvelous hobbies.


    On the following pages you can peer into our classroom as we post updates of what we've been working on. You may see examples of our students' hard work in our core classes of language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. You may also find examples from some of our special subjects covering art, music, PE, Spanish, and technology. Check back occasionally to see what we've been up to.





Mrs. Payne's Art Studio                                



          Julie~6th Grade

        Athalia~5th Grade


                               McKade~ 6th Grade



        Caleb~ 5th Grade


        Mariah~ 5th Grade


         McLain~ 7th Grade




 writers workshop pencil


Writer's Workshop                                          


This month we have been discussing the distinction between composition and revision. It can be challenging to let yourself freely write half formed ideas. We get stuck on a particular word choice, or not quite knowing where next to take our story, and so sit motionless at the keyboard. This is of course a common issue is writing - the much reviled writer's block! To try to get ourselves unstuck from this habit we spent a writer's workshop writing without stopping, allowing ourselves to be comfortable with whatever ideas that popped into our heads. We did not worry about spelling, nor did we agonize over word choice. Instead we focused our energy on efficient composition, leaving the revision stage for later. We used this fun website, which forces you to keep writing under threat of losing all of your progress if you stop typing for even a few seconds! 


Here you can see some of our efforts. Each section came from a 5 minute continuous writing session.


Later we chose one of our quick writes to return to for addition and revision. We are working on character profiles and narrator point of view to further develop our authorial voice. Check back for updates as we post them.


By Athalia:

there was a screem and  then there was a pleed for life it was so terabel the sand wikch had cam to life it was weird when ti said  don't eat me i am just a poor sand wich iti was saying i have kids anda life to live eat a defernt sandwhich i sad ok thi s itme il mad it it cam tpo life then i took it outsidre thenit became a sandwich and it was gross to think ti was alive and then ti was a strang feeling then it was like i wasm felld whith mace it was a desater becae i started to filly uncontrolable ti was like i was on a sugger hi iti feltl aswomme  it was scatrry it was deadly.........  


By Jack:

the evil woodrogf walked up to the rup goblin and and roared the roar he always roars when he raors hisroar an d he ate the rup gob lin and started to eat the house ogf the gbolin and he ateandate and ate and ate and ate un til the whol property was nothing but a empty patch of dirt . and ther the asdv wads coming and he made a run for it roar said the woodergruf as he swalawed pu the asdv



 By Caleb:

 the time was mid afternoon and i was getting along fine my brother had been chasing me and was trying to hit me with a stick i am hiding under my bed right now but all of a sudden a feel as if i just at a elephant and all the meat getting sucked out of me. oh wait now I'm cold what's happening help. then it hit me i don't know were i am and am in a totally different world. all of a sudden though i feel as if   i could be so warm that i'd get a fever. but it's not a bad warm. it's a very friendly warm dog next to me. wait is it talking to me? no i'm speaking it's language I'm barking and talking animal! This is crazy but my only hope is to follow him. " Hey you what in the world am i" i think your a dog silly. Can't you see? Well i can but i just can't believe it.

this is the all mighty book of instructions. page one how to make a taco. You get a hard shell or a soft shell and then you put meat and lettuce and tomato's and beans. all this is optional but i really only like meat and cheese which i forgot and i also like tomatoes on mine. page 2 how to ski. first you need a pair of skis then you need money to pay the instructor money so that he can teach you. if you don't have skis you need more money to rent them. that also goes with a helmet and poles. i am cruising right along here if only the time would drop quicker because my left hand is killing me big time.
i was so scared there was a giant in town he had feet 50 feet long and 25 feet tall legs. but the weird thing was that i could only bear the rath and when the man got there he was only 3 feet tall. did i mention that i can only see the man with binoculars he's so tiny. but i really couldn't help but laugh out loud. it was so funny he needed a microphone in order for us to hear him he said that he couldn't help but stomp on us and then eat us if he didn't say we were laughing it was so funny though. but then the people who didn't stop not including me he went up to them stomped on them then ate them.
today i am going to become any superhero ever i couldn't believe it. i was so happy i could hardly decide but they said i could make up my one super hero and then he could be that superhero tomorrow. so he accepted there second offer didn't waste any time. he decided his super hero was really fast and could turn anything into anything. the people who made the offer said it was okay.P.S. when the people told him that he didn't know what to expect but they were magical and would come into his life many more times. when the boy woke up the next morning he was so excited he turned his dog into candy.

By McKade:

 One time i went to Idaho and went boating with my family and my cousins Paul and Sophie.  My cousins parents also both came.  On our way to Idaho the weather was so bad that we had to pull over on the Interstate for a little bit.  When we pulled over we  wondered what we should do.  Luckily we didnt have to stay there for very long because then the storm died down a little bit.  When we got to Idaho we went boating the next morning.  I had a lot of fun water skiing and tubing.  I got to drive the boat when my older brother and sister got on the tube.  I speed really fast and i turned a lot of hard turns. I also had fun diving off the boat with Paul and McLain. 

Paul, McLain and i all water skied.  My parents and my cousins parents did to.  One that i also caught a couple fish on a mini boat with Paul and Mclain when we caught the fish we wanted to keep them alive so that we could eat the fish later.  We had to jump on the front of the boat until we got enough water in it.  We caught fish and we also jumped off of the little boat.  The wind started to blow when we were out on the lake and the little boat we were in did not have a motor.  All it had was some pedals to turn.  We had a hard time getting back in the wind.
If i won the lottery i would use some of the money and i would also put a lot of it in my savings account.  I would buy the things that i wanted.  After i bought all of the things that i wanted i would not go to work for a couple of days.  When i skip work i would go and use all of my new stuff.  I would buy a lot of things. I would buy a dirt bike for my cousin and i would also buy myself a new dirtbike for myself.  If i bought Paul a new dirtbike i could ride dirt bikes with him. I would also ride dirt bikes with my other friends.
I like a lot of colors.  I wish i had a Trillion dollars. I am pretty happy right now. I wonder why on Earth McLain is making the news letter. I wonder what April fools tricks i should do today.  I hope that i can pull a good April fools trick on Mr. Silk.  I hope that i win the NFR someday.  I also hope i win the lottery.  I hope that i get good grades in high school and grade school.  I hope that i do not have a lot of homework when i get into high school.

 By Julie:

 Don't fall. The dragonfly buzzes over the forest with me hanging onto its feet. Don't fall. Don't fall. Oops. Okay, I fell.I fall into the river, luckily, but break my leg on the rock. The dragonfly doesn't notice anything. I see it continue on its way to the mountains. "Yeah, thanks a lot!" I scream, shaking my fist at it. Now Ill have to catch a ride on something else. Preferably something large, which has a back I can sit on. But I have to deal with a broken leg now. I painfully drag myself out of the river and do my best to keep it straight. I snap a low-hanging branch off a tree and use it for a crutch, then splint my leg with another branch. Rainbow colors seem to seethe in the air. Oh no. I have to get to shelter, fast. The colors grow brighter. No, wait. I crawl into a cave and wait while the glimmering air becomes specters, swooping in the twilight. I need to make it back to the woods, where the specters an't reach me at all. The forest is protected by all sorts of odd creatures that even the specters don't like. So they don't come into there. The forest looks like a safe haven for some, which makes it a good hunting ground for others. Unlike the shimmery rainbow ghosts, the threats there I can physically fight with a knife. The specters will just do...I don't know what, but it isn't good. 


As I hike through the forest, I hear roaring up ahead. I'm about to go the other way when something huge barrels into me, knocking me to the ground. I have difficulty pushing the thing off, but somehow I manage it. The thing is a tooth. A huge tooth. I look to the roaring, then start heading towards it again. I hide in the bushes and witness something amazing. 
A giant fight.
The huge beasts are about a hundred feet tall, and pummeling each other with fists like boulders. One delivers a crushing uppercut to the other's jaw, which would have sent me soaring out into outer space but just makes him wobble a little. He retaliates with a sucker punch to the giant's stomach, who then pushes him off the edge of a cliff. He is not harmed by the two-hundred-foot drop, but they are now separated from each other, and both start bashing the cliff to smithereens, trying to get back into the fight. As a huge chunk of rock lands right next to me, flattening a large swath of trees, my hiding spot is compromised. Okay, nothing to see here. I quickly sneak back into the forest before the giants spot me in the midst of their battle-rage. Unless I suddenly grew small enough to fit down a gopher hole, it would mean certain death for me if I was to be seen. You do not want two bloodthirsty giants hunting you. It's a recipe for disaster, both for you and everyone around you. The other way along the path that I was taking sports a large wolf. I turn back quickly and head towards the giants again for a bit. This forest has its dangers.
I'm dead. I know it because the way I died, falling off thirty-story building while on fire, was very painful. And it doesn't hurt anymore. Just don't ask. You don't want to know. Anyhow, I don't know where I am. An odd, white, shimmery plain. Something flies across the far sky. It looks huge. I do not want to meet it. This place is very weird, and as I try to search for the hole I came up in, it disappears. Grr. Things spring up he distance, formed by my imagination. I imagine a tree, and it appears. I imagine a sword,and the sword appears. Where even am I?  I imagine a palace, and that appears too. The only thing that doesn't appear is people. I want people's company more than I want the palace. I imagine a dog, and that appears. It licks my hand and wags its tail. It will have to be my company. A voice whispers in my ear, "Don't use this power for fun, or your demons will come after you!" I ask the dog, "Are you a demon?" and it shakes its head. Intelligent dog. I shall watch it for any signs of evilness or trying to murder me. For now, it seems all right. I do not use the power anymore. I do not want my demons to hunt me. It sounds annoying and means certain death. Not that it would matter, since I'm dead already. This place is weird. I need an escape from here. I don't see any, so I set off through the weird shimmer landscape. The landscape emerges around me, even tough I'm not imagining it. Are my demons hunting me? And what does it mean by my demons? I'm so confused.  
This is a stream of consciousness writing and I don't even know what I 'm going to write about. I don't have anything to write about, really. Maybe my dog. should I write about my dog? Eh, never mind. Stream of consciousness writing is boring. Today is Friday! I can go to the river and work on my fort! I am writing in hardcore mode because I like it. I always want to go back and fix my mistakes, and this helps me not to. I 'm not really writing about anything in particular. We have track today. I was really disappointed because my parents made me quit akito to do track. But today will be my second day of track out of 12 track days. Twelve missed akito lessons. I'm already a sixth of the way through, then I can go back to akito. Yay. I don't even care about the track days, I'm just counting missed akito lessons, and I hope that I can remember stuff when I go back. Is it possible to demote someone a belt? I hope not. I son't think Sensei would do that, and maybe it isn't possible anyways. Yay. One less worry on my mind. So, yeah. nothing to worry about. I guess i don't have many worries, but that's the main one. I don't even know what I'm doing or typing about, just stream of consciousness. I'ts probably boring, Boring writing because I don't have anything going on in my brain. PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS! Okay, it had to be done. 

 By McLain:

 Over spring break I had a lot of fun. On Friday I had lots of fun helping my grandpa. We watched some cows calve and we also tagged a bunch of calves. We tag the calves so that we know which black calf goes with which black cow. Then I got on my horse and checked the cows I rode him for about two hours. His name is Freckles and he is four years old. I love him because he is small fast and energetic. He is all black with a lazy black heart on his freckled white face, and he also has a white heart on his neck. After riding my horse I went to the barn and got in the ranger with my grandpa. We went and checked the cows. On Friday night I stayed at my grandma and grandpas house I got up at four "o clock in the morning. At four I checked the cows with my mom. I stayed at my grandparents house until the next morning. The next day I got in my grandpa's ranger with him and we went and checked the cows. They were all fine so we went to the feedlot because my grandpa was out of hay.

At the feedlot we got the tractor and we went over to the haystack. I got to drive my grandpas truck and it was a lot of fun. I went in to the haystack and it was very muddy so I but the truck in four wheel drive. I got in rolling again. .We put the hay bales on the back of the truck. We also had two trucks. We had to go up a steep hill to get back to my grandpa's house and we unloaded the hay bales, and we unloaded the hay for the horses and the cows. Next we a went and checked the cows. We also tagged the calves that were born. After the hay was unloaded and the cows were checked, we went and saddled up our horses. We went down into the bottoms and sorted cows and calves (pairs) into a different pasture. Then we rode through all of the cows and made sure they were all doing alright. They were all fine. We went to the barn and my grandpa had to clean it so we cleaned the barn and went back to check the cows. 
We were done for the day so we went back to my grandpas house and watched TV. It was five o'clock. Tomorrow was Easter so I stayed with my grandparent again and checked the cows with my mom at four. Then we went home at six and on the way home I stopped at the feedlot and bagged bags and fed the steers. We have four steers. One for each of us siblings. Mine is the best one. Then we went to my house because it was Easter morning. We were going to go to church but it was very cold. It was light enough to get the eggs from the Easter bunny. We woke up my dad and my sister. Then we went outside and found all of the eggs the Easter bunny had left us. Each of us four kids got to collect eight eggs. Then we all got to find and Easter basket. After that we sat around the house and hung out. Then we went down to my grandparents house and they also had an Easter egg for us.

 By Robert:

 it was 2025 and i built a time machine. What i did next was went back in time to find iut what in the world was wrong with this place i ran through the warps seeing old faces that are now long gone in the space time continuem i know im rushing through and i finnaly find the breaking point in the travel. i find myself at 5 years old at my birthday party getting ready to eat my cake. this just in my grandpa and step grandma send me a christmas/ birthday present so i will love thetm even more that i do . what i have come back to this time to do is buy a lot of model trains that when i was younger than what i am now. they always said i was to young to have the trains and i would have to go to hgo to wait for my birthday in the future so i will wait not! i will by the trains now in this time period since i am 24 years old and now i will sucseed in being the best modeler in this railroad and everyone will come and see all of my trains after i come bact from one of therse crazy adventures that i have in my life.

I am back from time travel and i just changed what happend in an major warr battle . i am shot an am exaughsted from running and battleing i look out of my house window and can see that i have changed history forever my friends and family are gone and i am the only person left in the world. no one is alive. well i think noone is so i run and look for people thatn i notice some\thing i am alone i can do anything but i sit and miss my family. i look down at my phi=one and look at pictures of my friends and family and wonder whay everything went wrong. i stumble around and look for others as i drive through livingston i hear a faint whistle. at train horn! i drive 70 mph to see who it is and i find my family in the train yard working on trains i see them and scream i finnaly found you. once their my parents ask me if i know how to drive this 
I help them but a shift in everything happens so i go back in time to stop everything from happening. i run and run and then i finnaly black out.  my heart beating i wake up and am on a beach. i feel happy the sun is setting and i hear a faint laugh at me i look and its my wife she stands there with a child in her hands i figure out it is mine. tears welt ip in my eyes and i realize that this is my destiny and i run iinto my modern beach side mansion with her an my son. once inside my house i realize that my life has been succesful and that i have begun something i cannot change. my wife looks at me and says are you okay honey. i smaile and say yes i am wonderful. good she say that i was in the band down the road and that i cannot join and play with them any more since we have 10 platinum records and that we are saving up money so i go to the bands studio and fire everyone and now i am the top dog in my own new industry i will someday be the leader in music and everyday life style i will be the best.
Honk! i let the horn blow and it fills the sky with terror. i jump out of the cab of the train and fall 20 ft into the water boom i look up but i cannot see what has happend then i black out. i wake up and find out what in the world has happend and figured out that some one crashe the two trains to get all of the cargo on the train creaper juice its bascily a steroid that you can use to get beefed up. this was a military operation meaning that all of this that just happend never happend in this world so i scream since all of it is gone now i shift and wonder how is this going to affect me =. then i figure out that everything is gone im actually dead and i am a ghost and noone misses me and nothing knows sho or what i am.

      MATH LINKS     
7th & 8th Grades~     http://my.hrw.com/index.jsp
Smarter Balance Test Practice~     https://practice.smarterbalanced.org/student/
Khan Academy~     https://www.khanacademy.org/math 

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2016-17 Supply List


Dear Pine Creek Students,

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer full of splashing in cool water and soaking up the warm sun. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks. Here is a supply list for the year - it is quite similar to last year’s with a few important changes.


Supply List

Flash Drive (at least 1GB)

Lined notebooks (3)

Folders (3)

Pencil supply (mechanical or wooden)

Colored pencils

Colored pens (2)

Highlighter (1)

Glue sticks (2 big ones)



Water bottle

Headphones (optional)

1 pair of sneakers to be used for P.E.


Please also arrive on our first day of school with a novel appropriate to your reading level that you have not read before. Now go out and find a few more August adventures to tell us all about once we return to class together. Have fun and see you soon.

-- Casey Dilg



 2016-17 Supply List


 WELCOME to Pine Creek


 I hope everyone has had a summer filled with laughter, relaxation and fun memories!  I have tried my best to do the same.  I am happy to welcome back familiar faces and also excited to meet a few new faces.  This year, I will be teaching 5th-8th Math, K-8th Art, K-3rd P.E. and 4th-8th Library/Technology.  The staff at Pine Creek is looking forward to co-teaching a few classes this year, benefitting the students’ educational experience at Pine Creek School.      

Here is a list of supplies that I would like you to bring for math:


*3-4 dry erase markers

*dry erase eraser or clean sock, or piece of cloth

*pencils (mechanical or other pencils of your choice)

*2-3 erasers

*3-4 fun colored pens 

*50+ Post-it® Flags ½ inch in size (please get the plastic ones, not the paper kind)  


I am looking forward to a fantastic year ahead.  Enjoy your last days of summer and I will see you on Tuesday, September 6th.  The school bell rings at 8:15am and school is dismissed at 3:20pm.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

Thank-you!  See you soon!


                 Mrs. Bobbi Jo Payne                                     

          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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